• ACTFL goal areas: cultures, communities, comparisons
  • Level: intermediate and above
  • Learning objectives: analyze perspectives related to patriotism; compare the concept of patriotism between the target culture and students’ own culture


  1. After providing specific hashtags in the target language (e.g., #patriotism, #patriotic, etc.), ask students to work individually and explore multimodal posts related to patriotism.
  2. Students pick one post and write a brief written reflection analyzing how the concept of patriotism is portrayed in a target language speaker’s tweet and compare it to their own understanding of patriotism.
  3. In pairs, students share their findings and written reflections.
  4. After the discussion of the findings, invite students to share their understanding of patriotism from the perspective of the target language speaker and their own perspective on patriotism.

Options and suggestions

  • Depending on the group of students this topic may be sensitive and provoke unexpected reactions. Before starting the activity, establish general rules of conduct. For example, ask students to listen respectfully when others are talking and state that different people will have different opinions, with no right or wrong.