• ACTFL goal areas: communication, comparisons
  • Level: beginner and above
  • Learning objectives: reflect on the “hidden” values and perspectives of the target culture; compare proverbs and sayings of the target language with students’ own language


  1. Have students work in pairs with one or more smartphones.
  2. Provide students with two specific hashtags: #Englishproverb (or #Proverbioitaliano) and #Englishsaying (or #Dettoitaliano).
  3. Students explore proverbs and sayings in the target language on Twitter, pick one of their choice, and analyze its meaning. Provide some guiding questions:
    • What is the value or perspective behind the proverb or saying you selected?
    • In what context or situation would you use this proverb or saying?
    • Can you think of a similar proverb or saying in other languages you speak?
  4. After the pair discussions, students share their findings with the class.

Options and suggestions

  • In many cases students will find a translation of the proverb or saying within the same post. If there is no translation and the meaning is not clear, students may use Google Translate.