• ACTFL goal areas: communication
  • Level: beginner and above
  • Learning objectives: understand humor in the target language; use language creatively by developing a caption for a meme


  1. Ask students to work individually and search on Instagram hashtags related to memes in the target language. For example, #memeitaliani, or #memeespaƱol.
  2. Each student picks one meme. Then by working in pairs, students need to understand the language and meaning of the two chosen memes.
  3. Students in pairs come up with their own caption in the target language for one of the two previously selected memes.
  4. Finally, students share with the class the original caption of the meme as well as the caption they created in the target language.

Options and suggestions

  • Students might also be asked to explore memes previously selected on Instagram by the teacher. These memes can be added to a dedicated Instagram account so that they can be easily found. This way, there is more control over the content that students will be using.