• ACTFL goal areas: cultures, communication, communities
  • Level: intermediate and above
  • Learning objectives: examine other people’s perspectives on a specific topic; develop a Twitter post based on students’ understanding of the selected topic


  1. Pick a unique hashtag for your class; for example, #UAGerman201, and check that the hashtag is not already used on Twitter.
  2. Ask students to look at Twitter trends based on the/a country where the target language is spoken.
  3. At home, students will pick one trend, examine the tweets related to it, and tweet a post between 200 to 280 characters expressing their opinion on the chosen trend, along with the class hashtag.
  4. Students will also explore classmates’ posts and comment on two of their tweets.
  5. By searching the class hashtag on Twitter students’ tweets will be retrieved.

Options and suggestions

  • Twitter trends may be explored based on a specific city. This activity can take place over four weeks, with students picking and posting about a different trend each week. Twitter trends are excellent for the language classroom since they represent users’ perspectives about events and episodes currently happening around the world.