• ACTFL goal areas: cultures, communication
  • Level: beginner and above
  • Learning objectives: engage in a meaningful conversation with a target language user; compose appropriate questions based on the interviewee


  1. Identify two target language speakers who are willing to be interviewed on Twitter by students. The interviewees need to answer students’ tweets.
  2. Share details about the interviewees with students. Students might need to use a specific register when drafting questions for the interviewees.
  3. Pick a unique hashtag for your class; for example, #UAItalian101, and check that the hashtag is not already used on Twitter. A hashtag as #SpanishClass might already be used on Twitter; choose something specific to your class.
  4. At home students draft five questions for the interviewees and peer review them on the adopted LMS or in class. Then students tweet their questions, with the chosen class hashtag, to the interviewees who will be replying back. The conversation between students and interviewees should continue beyond the first tweet.
  5. By searching the class hashtag on Twitter (e.g., #UAItalian101) students’ questions and tweets will be retrieved.

Options and suggestions

  • Students might draft questions on a specific cultural topic or current events relevant to the target country. Students might be required to use grammar structures and vocabulary seen in class.