• ACTFL goal areas: cultures, comparisons, connections
  • Level: intermediate and above
  • Learning objectives: develop an in-depth understanding of a cultural topic of interest; create a curated cultural e-portfolio


  1. At home students add a photo or video to their Instagram e-portfolio (also called collection) once a week for a total of four weeks on a topic of choice. Students also write a 100-word weekly reflection in the target language about the chosen post and submit it to the LMS along with a screenshot of their e-portfolio.
  2. Provide students with guiding questions for the written reflections. For example:
    • Why did you choose this post?
    • What did you learn about this particular cultural product or practice?
    • How is this different or similar to what you have learned in the textbook or from other media?
  3. After four weeks, students form small groups in the classroom and discuss their e-portfolios with classmates explaining what they learned on a specific topic.

Options and suggestions

  • On Instagram e-portfolios are private, therefore students can use their own personal account. Provide students with a specific cultural theme to investigate; for example eating habits, festivities, dress code, and their related hashtags. This activity can be aligned with the syllabus and students may explore cultural topics that will be addressed during the semester.