• ACTFL goal areas: cultures, communication
  • Level: beginner and above
  • Learning objectives: explore a new writing genre; use language and visual resources creatively


  1. Decide on an Instagram hashtag and share it with students (e.g., #UAItalian201). Provide students with examples of Instapoetry, that is short and free verse poems paired with a symbolic sketch or on an image that represents the poem. Some account examples in English are @atticuspoetry, @tylerknott, @RMDRK, and @k.towne.jr.
  2. Over eight weeks students will need to share one post per week on their own Instagram account with the class hashtag. The posts will need to follow the Instapoetry examples, including one photo and a related short poem in the target language. Students’ posts should be related to their own lives, cultural topics seen in class, or other topics interesting to them.
  3. At the end of the eight weeks students may share their favorite Instapoetry post in an online discussion board or in the classroom.

Options and suggestions

  • Examples of Instapoetry in the target language may also be given to students by searching for specific hashtags; for instance, #instapoetryitaliano and #instapoetryespañol. Students may be provided with a specific cultural topic to post throughout the eight weeks. Students’ accounts need to be set on public in order to find their posts marked with the class hashtag.