• ACTFL goal areas: cultures, communication, connections
  • Level: intermediate and above
  • Learning objectives: evaluate a news post in the target language and share a perspective or opinion about the news; collaborate with peers by commenting on news shared by others


  1. Create a closed Facebook group as the course instructor and add all students to the group. No friending is required to add students to the group.
  2. Within the group share several Facebook pages of news channels and newspapers in the target language (e.g., for Italian: Corriere della Sera, L’Eco di Bergamo, Il Sole 24 Ore).
  3. At home students have to pick one of the shared news pages, look through the Facebook page and choose one news post that is interesting to them. Students will need to read and analyze the news post and then share a comment in the target language under the chosen post. The comment should address the reasons why the news post was interesting to them and their own opinion on the topic.
  4. Next, students take a screenshot of the chosen news post and their comment and share it in the class Facebook group.
  5. Students ask a question on a classmate’s screenshot within the Facebook group.

Options and suggestions

  • Provide students with a comment example for a Facebook news post. Offer a sample sentence, for example: I am interested in _________ because _________ and I think that ___________. It is hoped that students will engage in conversations with speakers of the target language within the Facebook news pages and among themselves in the group.