• ACTFL goal areas: cultures, communication
  • Level: beginner and above
  • Learning objectives: consider new cultural topics usually not found in traditional language textbooks; examine and question culturally-relevant photos


  1. Create a closed Facebook group as the course instructor and add all students to the group. No friending is required to add students to the group.
  2. Once per week, post a photo related to a cultural topic. The chosen photos should be related to diverse cultural topics, presenting students with content usually not found in the language textbook.
  3. Every week students need to comment or ask a question under the posted photo. Encourage students to share reflective and thoughtful comments by providing some guiding questions, for example:
    • What catches your attention in this photo and why?
    • How does this photo relate to your own experiences with the target culture?
    • How does this photo relate to what you already know of the target culture?

Options and suggestions

  • Students may comment in their first language to facilitate meaningful comments. Students may also reply to each other’s comments.